The Last Days

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Accept the Lord Jesus Christ today and be saved!  No day
is promised to you.  This may be your last.  Just pray this

Dear Jesus (Yeshua) :

I am a sinner.  I have said and done things in my life that I am not proud of and
were not pleasing to you.   Please cleanse my heart and mind.  Fill me with Your
Holy Spirit and become the Lord of my life.  

Your Word says that if I ask for forgiveness, you are faithful and just to forgive me
and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness. I believe you are the Son of the
living God, Yahweh, and that you died for my sins on a cross.

I also believe that you were raised from the dead and now sit at the right hand of
God the Father and that you are coming for those who believe in You.

I believe this with all my heart and from this day forward I want to live for you.  

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine;
but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for
themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires; and will
turn away their ears from the truth, and will turn aside to myths."
(2 Timothy 4: 3-4)
WHO ARE GOD'S  Prophets in
the Last DAYS?
God has always spoken through prophets.  God's prophets of the
last days won't be found dressed in sheepskin eating locust in the
desert like John, but rather, they are men and women like you
and  me whom God has chosen to bring insight concerning
end-time events for the benefit of His people.  Joel 2: 28-29
prophesied that God would pour out His Spirit upon men and
women prior to the Day of the Lord.  But the Bible warns us to
beware of the FALSE ones.  God has sent messengers in these last
days who have five major functions:
The Red Horse is Riding.....
Violence, Crime, War
Daniel's Apocalypse: Revealing
the End-Times!!
(A verse by verse analysis and commentary on the
book of Daniel)

Is America in Bible Prophecy? Does the Antichrist come
from the European Union?  Will the Church go through
tribulation?  Is the outcome of present confrontations
between the U.S., Iran, Russia, and China revealed in the
book of Daniel? Is there a time frame for which believers can
know when the gathering (rapture) of the Saints take place?

The answers have
always been right there in the
biblical book of Daniel.  However,

they were sealed until these
nd-times. The book of Daniel was
meant to prepare us for what is

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Revelation, chapter 6 speaks of six seals to be opened by the Lamb that will usher in
the end of the world as we know it.  
The first seal has already been opened. The
rider on the white horse is the Antichrist.  Yes, he is already in the world! The
second seal is a rider on a
red horse.  This horse and rider denotes violence,
crime, and bloodshed that has and will increase at an unprecedented rate in the
history of mankind. The rider of the red horse has been given the authority to take
peace from the earth. The sword in the rider's hand denotes war. We are living in
that time.  There is no peace anywhere.  Violence, crime, bloodshed, and war are on
the upswing.  And guess what?  It will only get worse! The third seal will soon be
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1)  To declare and reveal His mysteries to His people of the last days

2) To warn the churches of the soon return of Jesus Christ and the
urgent need to pray, repent and be on the alert

3) To dispel religious myths and false doctrines

4) To alert followers of Christ to the antics of false prophets and

5) To exhort followers of Christ to love God and one another.

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Here are six of the plagues and
events that the book of Revelation
says will happen on the earth after
the "Rapture" of God's people.
(Revelation 16:2)
(Revelation 8: 8-9)
(Revelation 9)
An unprecedented lightning storm that burns up 1/3 of the
earth, trees, and grass.
(Revelation 8: 5-7)
The falling of a meteor on to earth that will poison a third of
the rivers, springs, and other bodies of water.  Many men will
die from drinking the water.
(Revelation 8: 10-110
A third of the moon, sun, and stars will be darkened.  The sun
will only shine for a third of the day and when it does,it's rays
will be scorching.
(Revelation 8:12; 16: 8-9)
                   THE DINOSAUR AND PROPHECY
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Last Update: December 17, 2018

"But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the
heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be
destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be
burned up."  (2 Peter 3:10)

"As temperatures surge around the world, many cities
and countries are breaking heat records. Massive wildfires
have ignited in Europe and the United States amid the
scorching weather, destroying thousands of acres of wilderness.
Hundreds have died this year between the heat and fires."
(MSN  News)

Men will be scorched with fire and fierce heat and they will
blaspheme God because of it. This is one of the plagues written in
Revelation, chapter 16, that man will experience during
the great tribulation.  The expansion of the sun may very well be
the cause!

Home Church members are those "seeking to be the church"
rather than just going to organized meetings or services in a
church building. Just like early New Testament believers, they
meet in homes. They have no paid staff, utility bills, or
building maintenance fees to worry about.  The focus is
never on money. Members don't tithe, they take care of one
another as the need arises.

It provides an opportunity for each person to participate by
asking questions or interjecting comments, much unlike the
traditional church. It is an informal and simplistic, but in-
depth study of scripture.  No one judges you on what you are
wearing.  In these small and intimate settings, lasting
relationships are built.

And, most  important of all, "the only chief shepherd and
Senior Pastor is Jesus Christ!"
There are more home
churches in America and
across the globe than anyone
cares to admit.  Why are
people turning to home
When you examine the stage of
prophecy,  it becomes increasingly clear
that what destroyed the dinosaur is not
important. What IS important is
why they
were destroyed. The decay of these tons
of animals, along with the plenteous
vegetation of the Garden of Eden, is the
reason why the world is so focused on the
Middle East today
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Samaritan's Purse
Putting Faith Into Action
Samaritan's Purse is a
non-denominational evangelical
Christian organization that is
"providing spiritual and physical
aid to hurting people around the
world." Their volunteers are
helping many to recover from
flood disasters including
Hurricane Harvey and Florence.
Its founder is Franklin Graham,
son of Billy Graham.
here to find out how to
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a volunteer.
Samaritan's Purse
Founder, Franklin
Co-host of Prophecy
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According to chapter 21 of the book of Revelation, the New
Jerusalem will have a great and high wall with twelve gates. Only
those who are washed by the blood of Jesus Christ will be able to
enter the city through the gates. The unsaved, sorcerers, immoral
persons, murderers, idolaters, and those who practice lying, will
not be able to enter.  (Revelation 22: 14-15).
America May Not Have a Wall, But the Holy
City of God, The New Jerusalem, Will
The Shemitah is the seventh
year in a seven-year cycle
described in the Old
Testament. This final year of
the cycle is set aside for debt
forgiveness and refrain from
direct cultivation of the land.
The debt forgiveness would
break cycles of perpetual debt.

Revelation 6: 5-6, speaks of
the third seal of God's book
of judgements being opened
and a horseman on a black
horse riding; bringing with
him famine and an economic
collapse of the world's
money system. Are we
headed for a Shemitah year?
and Author
of "Daniel's
Gale Stanford